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I have been using Topaz Labs products for over 2 years and absolutely love the results.  Topaz Labs DeNoise AI is by far the best I have tried for noise reduction.  I also use Sharpen AI & Gigapixel AI to get the very best out of my image editing.  Topaz can be accessed through Lightroom and/or Photoshop and is also a stand alone program meaning both Photoshop and Lightroom are not required.

All the Topaz Labs products have a free trial too. So why not give it a try.

Simply use this link to order

Ambassador for Singh-Ray Filters

Singh-Ray Filters Photography Logo

I am officially Singh-Ray Filter’s first International Ambassador! So excited to be associated with one of the worlds leading manufacturers of camera lens filters.  The filters are truly game changing for my nature photography.

In 2007 I was introduced to Singh-Ray Filters from my long time photography friend, Shane McDermott. Even since the late 2000’s, I have been a fan of one of their most popular filters, the LB (Lighter Brighter) Color Combo. I use the LB Color Combo for a wide variety of my image making needs that include reflection control (wet leaves, windows, etc.), natural color boost (wonderful with greens), reduction in shutter speed (i.e. waterfalls), and more.

Based in Florida, Singh-Ray manufacturers (made in the USA) a wide variety of filters in addition to the LB Color Combo such as the Galen Rowell Graduated Neutral Density filters, as well as, the Mor-Slo ND Filters that come in 5, 10, 15, and yes even a 20 stop – WOW.

Special discount order code is dhi15 for a 15% discount.

Manfrotto, Gitzo, & Joby camera supports

(tripods, heads, & more)


I am so excited to offer you the best tripod (aka camera supports) products on the market today.  Welcome to my newest affiliation with Manfrotto, Gitzo, & Joby tripods & heads.  Both Manfrotto & Gitzo have been world leaders in tripods, tripod heads, & accessories for over 20 years.  I have owned a Gitzo 1545T carbon fibre tripod for over 5 yearsand use it on ALL my long exposure photography).  My 15 yr old Gitzo 3543LS still works but will tech updates, this will be replaced in the coming weeks.  I also ordered a small Manfrotto carbon fibre tripod to hold my phone and other accessories for dedicated recording (due any day now for review).

The following are order links for the Gitzo line of tripods that I personally use or have owned myself.  They are all excellent camera tripods that will help you capture those crisp clear images.

GITZO 1545T traveler tripod (same one I use for landscape photography)

GITZO 2545T traveler tripod (more heavy duty for larger DSLR’s or medium format)

GITZO systematic tripods (this is the highest end line and most suitable for long lenses, was my first tripod 15 yrs ago)

The following are order links for the Manfrotto Element, 055, 190 collection of tripods.




Cotton Carrier camera harness system

My newest affiliation is the back saving Cotton Carrier camera harness system.  I just received my G3 harness in mid January and already love it.  So convenient and easy to use.

Great for a camera body with a 70-200mm or even a 200-500mm lens.


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F-Stop System Photography Camera Backpack

F-Stop Backpacks

Over the last 5 years I have been using f-stop backpacks exclusively for all my photography adventures. My f-stop Anja bag (perfect for mirrorless & DSLR systems) has been on many, many trips including the Yukon, Colorado, and Italy with very little signs of wear.

Apart from the easy to use and heavy duty nature of the system, f-stop utilizes a heavy duty aluminum frame for stability. This means the bag fits properly and doesn’t wear you out while hiking (from bag movement that your body has to counteract).

To order your very own f-stop bag, and receive a 15% discount, please email myself directly for a code.

F-Stop Photography Camera Backpack Orange Colour
F-Stop Photography Camera Backpack Orange Colour
F-Stop Photography Camera Backpack Black Colour



Delighted with my pictures. Excellent service with great communication. Only 1 week to receive pictures from overseas. Much quicker service than shopping in my own country! Highly recommend pictures and service to all.

Dave Hutchison Photography, Fairy Lake, Bonsai tree, Port Renfrew, famous tree, award winner, PPOC
Liz B, Highlands, Scotland

"I have known Dave since early 2021 when I was first interested in joining some photography workshops and Meetups. From the start, he has been so helpful, communicative and always eager to share his knowledge and passion for photography. On a recent wildlife photography workshop of his in the Great Bear Rainforest, I learned a lot from him and greatly improved my wildlife photography with his help!"

grizzly bear, bears, british columbia, wildlife photography, dave hutchison photography, wlidlife
Laura L, Nanaimo, BC

"I came to Dave as an amateur photographer (still am) wanting to get into it a little bit deeper. Dave has gone above and beyond that and has given me that little boost of confidence that I needed to get out there. Once he had figured out what kind of photography I wanted to do he helped me with equipment to achieve my goals . Because there’s so much out there it can be very confusing for an amateur photographer but he made it very clear and understandable . Dave has put up with my many questions and has happily answered them. I am definitely going to go back to him for private lessons so I can hone what skills that I have. I would recommend Dave whether you’re a seasoned photographer or amateur."

Aileen W, Campbell River, BC

"Wow, just when you think a photo cannot capture the beauty of the moment you lived through, Dave is able to bring it back to life!  Thank you, not only for sharing your amazing talent, but how you handled the experience from my first inquiring phone call, through to the careful shipping process and the genuine follow up and excitement for my 20th Anniversary gift to my wife. Thank you Dave!"

Brad B, Windsor, Ontario

"Thank you Dave for wonderful photos and sending so quickly and checking if I received them. They are fabulous and people always say how gorgeous they are in my home."

Shelley N, Gold River, BC
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