Tips for making Long Exposure images during a storm

by | Apr 5, 2022 | Photography | 1 comment

A few tips for long exposures at Point Atkinson Lighthouse at Lighthouse Park, West Vancouver, BC during a BC storm.

A spring storm was brewing off the west coast with landfall expected just after I was going to shoot on Sunday. But the storm arrived a bit early. Darn it, what will I do now.

This image was created in 50 kph wind gusts, and rain and not to mention the location has zero cover from the elements – it is exposed. But I always like to try and get something from a trip and I did.

A few tricks I used during this long exposure creation were:
– hold the tripod down gently with your hand
– wipe the front filter gently every 30 seconds on a 3 min exposure time. Note, this doesn’t always work and the cloth has to be dry to start with – not a used one.
– and take multiple images at varying shutter speeds in case you need to blend images later for unwanted movement.

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