Where did all the people go?

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Malaspina Galleries, Gabriola Island, BC

Gabriola Island is such a cool little island located in the Gulf Islands close to Vancouver Island, BC.  Funny story with this long exposure image .. read on!  So I set up, and started to record the scene (5-1/2 mins).  After about a minute, 2 young adults walk by with there floating lawn chairs ready for an afternoon of summer time fun. Thought my image was ruined.  Then another person came by, and then in the last 30 seconds someone stood to the far right and tried to stay out of the way. So four people in total … are ghosts and no ruined image.  Got to love 5-1/2 minute exposures … with no blurry people.⁠

Nikon gear, Singh-Ray Filters 15 stop mor-slo


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