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Strait of Georgia, Vancouver Island, BC Canada

As part of the my new web site launch, I now have a Blog.  The Blog is a place where I can review products and generally discuss interesting topics in nature photography.  One topics that comes up often is about lens, and specifically which lens to buy (or borrow) for wildlife photography.  Well I can tell you one thing, there no magic solution.  In other words there is no substitute for fast auto focus and fast glass.  What do I mean by fast auto?  In simple terms the higher end the camera body the more finely tuned the auto focus becomes.  It is more precise and faster when you spend more money.  As for lenses, the “brighter” the lens (wider aperture, lower number) the faster the lens.  For example, f/2.8 and f/4 lens are fast as they let lots of light enter the camera.  When both the finely tuned camera body and a bright lens come together it is much more predictable what can be captured, but everything has limits.  Stay tuned for more on my next Blog post coming soon.



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